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Gentiâne en Cévennes

Location d'ânes de randonnée et gîte d'étape

Hiking formula, 5 days with a donkey in the Cévennes/Mont Lozère



Examples of family tours. Do not hesitate to contact us for some other tours (family or experienced walkers).

5 day hike on Mont Lozère (for family)
Accomodation possible in guesthouses and B&Bs


The itinerary may be subject to modification in relation to accommodation availability.

Castagnols ---- Le Merlet (15 km):
Height difference: descent 100m - ascent 350m. Countryside: forests of chestnut, beech, birch, heath land with broom, stream, village of Saint-Maurice-de Ventalon. Watershed line at Croix de Berthel, beech and oak forests, the granite hamlets of Mont Lozère.
-Le Merlet: B&B and guesthouse. Table d'hôte.

Le Merlet ---- Le Pont-de-Montvert (15 km):
Trough the Bougès forest (state forest with various kinds of tress, preserved wildlife). Bathing spot in the Tarn river. Magnificient gorges.
- Le Pont-de-Montvert: hotels, communal guesthouse. Shops, market on Wednesday mornings, cashpoint.

Le Pont-de-Montvert ---- Le Mas de La Barque (15 km):
Explore the natural beauty of Mont Lozère, a plateau with sweeping landscapes, dotted with granite stone hamlets. Excellent bathing spot at Pont du Tarn.
- Le Mas de la Barque: Rooms and meals at the inn "l'auberge du Commandeur".

Le Mas de La Barque ---- Mas Nouveau (10 km) :
On the eastern foothills of Mont Lozère, accomodation in Mas Nouveau.
Mangificient views on the Cèze Valley.
- Mas Nouveau: B&Bs and guesthouse. Table d'hôte. Sauna, jacuzzi.

Mas Nouveau ----  Castagnols (10 km) :
Cross the Montclar pass opposite the wild Cévennes hills, drop down along the donkey trails formerly used for transporting ore from the silver mine at Vialas. Take a refreshing dip in the Luech before making your way back.
-Castagnols: guesthouse, B&B and table d’hôte. Campsite. 


5 day hike in the Cévennes (for family)
 Guesthouse Formula possible

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The itinerary may be subject to modification in relation to accommodation availability.

Castagnols ---- Le Rey (11 km):
Walk along the peaks and ridges with panoramic view over the Vallée Longue, Luech valley and Mont Lozère. The Coudoulous trail: Château de Verfeuil.
- Le Rey: B&Bs and yurt. Table d'hôte.

Le Rey ---- Le Lauzas
Hamlets, forest, river, ford over the Dourdon to reach the valley bottom and Le Mas du Lauzas, nestling next to a river.
- Le Lauzas: guesthouse and B&Bs. Table d'hôte. Bathing in the river.

Le Lauzas ---- Le Temple (10 km):
Hills and ridges, gorges and valleys, inhabited hamlets and signs of times gone by, magnificent viewing points.
- Le Temple: guesthouse and meals.

Le Temple ----  Le Merlet (15 km):
Walk in Vallée Longue and on a nice path among ridges, cross the watershed line. Walk on the south side of Mont Mozère to reach Le Merlet.
- Le Merlet: B&Bs and guesthouse. Table d'hôte.

Le Merlet ---- Castagnols (15 km):
Nice hamlet of Felgerolles, landes and moors at Masméjean, forests of beech, oak and pine. Open landscapes on foothills of Mont Lozère. Take a refreshing dip in the Luech before making your way back.
- Castagnols: guesthouse, B&B and table d’hôte. Campsite. 

All inclusive price (from 2 adults): 
-Adult: 482 € in guesthouse / 552 € in B&B
-Child under 10: 427 € in guesthouse / 495 € in B&B
-Free for children under 2

5 nights full pension, donkey hire (1 donkey for 3 people) with full equipment, preparation before departure, topographical guide, accomodation and food for the donkey, reservations, accomodation prepaid.


Arrival in Castagnols on the day before the walk. At 5 pm: instructions on walking with a donkey and about the route chosen. Meal and overnight at Castagnols.
Departure in the morning, afternoon arrival at the target guesthouse.
Return to Castagnols around 5 pm the last day.
For overnight in Gentiâne guesthouse at return, see "Prices".