Gentiâne en Cévennes

Location d'ânes de randonnée et gîte d'étape

The equipment for your hike

The equipment :

For every donkey, we provide a packsaddle, baskets or bags, a tether, a halter, a rope, materials for caring for the donkey, a cover for protecting the packsaddle from rain, a safety harness if small children will be riding on the donkey, civil liability insurance and a booklet: 'Recommendations for walking with a donkey'.

The bags :

Our packsaddle bags carry more or less 150 litres, the equivalent of 3 large rucksacks. Your belongings should in turn be packed in smaller cloth or plastic bags (bin bags are perfect) in order to ensure:

- easy management of the equipment and baggage
- that the donkey is not harmed by hard or sharp edges
- that the pack lies closely onto the donkey's back, reducing the risk of snagging on trees or rocks and reducing the leverage effect of the actual weight carried.

We do not accept rucksacks packed inside the packsaddle packs nor any 'hard edged' bags.
You may attach 2 rucksacks or sailor's bags to the pack frame though if they are prepared in advance and the weight is balanced.  

The load must be balanced between both sides of the donkey.
No more than 40kg!
A canvas cover with strings is provided to protect the packs from rain but in the event of heavy rainfall the best protection is from tightly closed bags inside the packs.

Technical information :

When you have booked your walk you will receive a technical file detailing:

- the procedure for learning to walk with a donkey
- the equipment provided with the donkey
- the equipment we recommend that you bring
- advice for preparing your packs
- a few words about civil responsibility and liability

Gentiâne assistance :

If any problems arise during your walk (illness, twisted ankle, donkey injured...), Gentiâne can collect you and your donkey or replace your donkey. This service is free of c harge if Gentiâne is responsible.

Other information:

Guest houses / lodges provide blankets but not sheets. Remember to take a sleeping bag or a light sheet in summer.
Departures on any d ay. In summer, if possible, choose a midweek departure date (Tuesday to Friday) as these are quieter periods.