Gentiâne en Cévennes

Location d'ânes de randonnée et gîte d'étape

Your hiking companion.

The donkey:

A donkey is intelligent, docile and endearing. It is far from stupid and stubborn as sometimes told. All our donkeys are trained for hiking with backpacks, they acknowledge their name and enjoy company.

randonnee ane randonnee ane

The donkey makes it easier to make contact with everyone you meet and also makes walking much more attractive for children. It only needs to drink once or twice per day. It eats 1kg of barley or oats per day and any grass it grazes or 5kg of hay: most of the accommodation structures have stocks. It enjoys stopping for a graze from time to time.

Donkeys with packsaddles:

The packsaddle is a wooden frame strapped onto the donkey's back onto which you can attach cloth bags, baskets, rucksacks (without metal frames), sailor's bags, your tent, etc. Young children can also ride safely on the donkey which can carry a total of 20 to 40kg.

ane baté