Gentiâne en Cévennes

Location d'ânes de randonnée et gîte d'étape

Hiking in a National Park

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Bite into a world of sensations!


Breathe, touch, taste, observe, listen, watch in harmony with nature and wildlife. In a National Park a different bond is made with nature, one based on tolerance and respect. A preserved natural environment is above all, your own. Mountains, forests, hillsides, streams and habitats: hamlets, terraces, gardens, fields and prairies, where life goes on...

In the heart of a natural environment...

The astonishing diversity of landscapes: Cévennes, Causses, Mont-Lozère... has also been shaped by the work of generations of breeders and farmers. To ensure that fields remain fields and that the moors aren't transformed into forests and that paths remain open, it is vital to maintain agricultural and pastoral activities. This is one of the National Park's key challenges.

In the 19th century the territory was home to a dense animal population. A significant proportion of the fauna had been eliminated. Today, forests are reclaiming the land and the vast stretches of moor and heath lands provide a favourable habitat for boar, deer, mouflons... Vultures have returned to the Tarn and Jonte gorges and beavers have taken up residence again in the rivers. They too form part of the region's natural heritage.

Exploring further...

Information centres, books, photos, signposted trails, guides....
The Cévennes National Park offers a range of tools to help you explore the region in detail in line with your centres of interest. Information is available at:
- Château de Florac, Maison du Parc.
- "La Maison du mont Lozère" in Le Pont-de-Montvert.
- and at 16 other information centres...
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